Thank you for your interest in curling for your group/corporate outing!  Curling is a fun team-building activity that is welcoming to all ages and abilities.  Groups have really enjoyed the experience and we’re sure yours will as well!

Schedule Time and Days

Group/corporate events may be scheduled Monday-Friday during these time blocks:
   12:00-2:30pm (M, T, W, Th, F)
   12:30-3:00pm (M, F)
   1:00-3:30pm  (M, F)

Looking for a weekend?  A very limited number of Saturdays are available from 3-5 pm.  The cost is $50/curler with a $500 minimum.  Groups are encouraged to look at our M-F group offerings.

The Player’s Lounge can also be reserved for catered meal service by the Crooked Pint Ale House.  This room seats 40 and can be used for meeting space before or after your curling event for $50/hr.  The room has a large TV available for presentations.

Group/Corporate Event Fees

M-F: $40/person. A $400 minimum is required to book an event.  This covers the cost of your first ten participants. This deposit is non-refundable and collected at the time of booking.  Additional participants can be paid in advance or on the day of your event.  You will be financially responsible for the number of participants you tell us will be there at the time of booking.  This is due to staffing and ice booking.  If your numbers change, please communicate this to us at least 7 days out so we can adjust your contract and staff accordingly.

Group size can range from 8 to 48 participants.  Fees include ice rental, instruction, and equipment use.  Instructors will be with you the entire time.  We try to book one instructor per sheet of ice.  So don’t worry about not having curling experience… most groups have none!  We are here to help you learn and have fun!

Have a large group?  We can get two groups of 48 in the same 2.5 hour block.  All 96 would receive the off-ice curling talk and then the first group would hit the ice for about an hour and then the groups would switch and the second group of 48 would take to the ice.  A 25% upcharge will apply.

Dress for Your Curling Event

  • Bring along a clean pair of shoes. Athletic shoes are a good choice. Carry them in, do not wear them in. It is extremely important to keep the ice clean.
  • Dress comfortably. Jeans are difficult – wear loose fitting clothes as you will be in lunge positions.
  • The curling arena is about 40F. Consider a winter hat, gloves and a warm jacket or hoodie.

Helpful Hints:

  • Curling is played 4 against 4.  Games can be modified if you have a team of 3 (or even 5).  To save time, have your teams or tournaments set prior to arriving.  Typically one team will play another team for the entire duration and you will get about 5 or 6 ends in (each end, like an inning in baseball, takes about 15 minutes).  If you are running a tournament or want to play different opponents, note that a “game” will probably be one or two ends.
  • Make arrangements with the Crooked Pint in advance if you are planning on food or beverages.
  • Slips and falls, although very rare, can happen.  Most of the people that fall are wearing dress shoes.  Stress the importance of carrying in clean athletic shoes.  This helps keep our ice clean and you safe.

Want more Curling?   We offer a Corporate League during our winter season!  Thanks to our 2016-2017 teams:

Contact the Curling Center at (952) 227-2475 or

Corporate Curling Flyer

Catering Menu

Crooked Pint Dinner Menu

A 300 seat Event Center is also available to rent.  Catering options are available.