Cleaning the ice after a game and practice is important.  This ensures our ice surface is ready for the next group.

When cleaning the sheet:

Sweep out the hacks and area around the rocks.  Run the big broom down both sides of the ice, slightly overlapping the centerline.  Tilt the broom up and wipe it down ensuring this is done on the side of the sheet away from the rocks (we don’t want dirt landing on or near the rocks).  Sweep up any debris and wipe your hand or curling broom over the area swept up to get any fine particles left behind off the ice.  See VIDEO on cleaning a sheet.

Nipping the ice:

When ice is freshly pebbled, the speed of the ice tends to be significantly slower at the start of the game.  Nipping the ice takes the very top part of the pebble off.  This helps create a faster surface and will give more curl to the ice.  You’ll enjoy starting a game on nipped ice vs playing “old school” and having to start a game on really slow ice.  As rocks go up and down the ice and as sweeping occurs, the pebble breaks down and you’ll see the speed increase by ends two and three.  See VIDEO on properly nipping a sheet of ice.  It is best to “teardrop” in and then overlap the centerline slightly.  This helps to keep pebble in the slide path- the area that gets the most amount of play and breakdown.